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Yearlings will be at Winbak on the 23rd and set viewing dates are the 24th and 25th.

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Viewings by appointment only. There will be no viewings on sale day.  |  View Outs

Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam ConsignorPaddock
83 P C Action Reporter Sportswriter Lady Lynnly Winbak Farm
75 P F Allaboutthebet All Bets Off Itsallabouthebass Twinbrook
99 P F Allstar Bets Off All Bets Off Ms Curator Erinwood
42 P C Allstar Cheddar Betterthancheddar Debutant Divorcee Erinwood
129 T C Allstar Majesty Lookslikeachpndale Starjest Erinwood
68 T C Allstar Megastar Lookslikeachpndale Holy Molie Maggie Erinwood
127 P F Allstar Smiles All Bets Off Smile By A Mile Erinwood
87 T F Allstar Wheeler Wheeling N Dealin Latest Mission Erinwood
123 P F Arrhythmic Dream Hes Watching Sammy Syd Preferred
60 P C Art Gizmo Artspeak Gadgets To Go Winbak Farm
90 P C Arts Legacy Artspeak Lislea Phia Winbak Farm
73 P C Arty Moves Artspeak Ireneonthemove Winbak Farm
103 T F Audio Miss My MVP New DVD Winbak Farm
110 P F Autumn's Passion Shadow Play Passion Quixrace Princeton
81 P C Best Shadow Shadow Play Kims The Best Winbak Farm
105 P F Better Not Sass Betterthancheddar Notalkingback Winbak Farm
80 P F Betterkeeperflyin Betterthancheddar Keepers Destiny Preferred
40 P C Boom Town Boy Betterthancheddar Boom Town Girl Winbak Farm
56 P F Brave Chic Royal Mattjesty Fit N Bad Winbak Farm
94 T F Bringingdreamshome Lookslikeachpndale Merry Maiden Preferred
109 P C Brush Marks Sportswriter Paints Hall Winbak Farm
21 T C Burning Arch Archangel Winbak Roberta Winbak Farm
61 P G Carsons Playtowin Shadow Play Game Table Joe Hudon
124 P G Carsons Royalty Royal Mattjesty Santinos Rosa Joe Hudon
47 P C Catch The Spark Artspeak Catch The Show Winbak Farm
106 P F Chedda Chedda Betterthancheddar Oath Princeton
104 P F Cheesethemaneevent Betterthancheddar Ink Spot Hanover Princeton
131 T C Delcrest Delaney Lookslikeachpndale Stars Balance Joe Hudon
38 T C Devils Arch Archangel Bobbi Jo's Ex Winbak Farm
13 P F Dewitt This Moment Control The Moment Utica Bayama Erinwood
6 P C Disco Dancing Hes Watching Trilife Preferred
54 P F Dizzy Miss Lizzy All Bets Off Fanciful Western Preferred
108 P C Doc Awesome All Bets Off Direct Macawesome Princeton
3 P F Don't Test Me Sportswriter Testing Centre Winbak Farm
128 P C Dows Up Shadow Play So Whats Up Winbak Farm
66 P C Dreamfair JL Hes Watching Dreamfair Eclipse Princeton
53 P F Dreamofbettortimes Bettor's Delight Bet Your Life Winbak Farm
32 P C Early Play Shadow Play Before Dawn Winbak Farm
2 P F Easybutimnotcheap Betterthancheddar Take My Breathaway Preferred
48 T C Electro Long Legs Wheeling N Dealin Electro Pump Preferred
44 T F Enola Resolve Deweys Kate Preferred
28 T C Erinwood Cormac Royalty For Life Athena Duharas Erinwood
102 P C Extreme Force Bettors Delight Mystic Dance Twinbrook
132 T F Fair N Flair Archangel State Fair Winbak Farm
118 T C Fantastic MVP My MVP Robertas Fantasy Winbak Farm
100 P F Free Verse Artspeak My Perfect Rhyme Winbak Farm
96 P C Gandolf The Black Shadow Play Mimis Luck Erinwood
25 P C Granite Beach Sunshine Beach April May Dune Winbak Farm
34 P C Grey Lines Sportswriter Black Stilletos Winbak Farm
8 P C Hank The Hunk Shadow Play Topless Hall Winbak Farm
125 P C Happy Neighs Sportswriter Shake It Sugar Princeton
92 P F Harlequin Romance Hes Watching Southwind Meredith Preferred
49 P C Hidden Article Sportswriter Cover Up Hall Winbak Farm
122 P C Holy Jalapeno Betterthancheddar Royal Dew Winbak Farm
46 P F How Will I Know Betterthancheddar Artist Beach Princeton
117 P C Howmac Victor All Bets Off Red Hot Hill Erinwood
59 T C I Am Speed Lookslikeachpndale Full Of Sugar Preferred
135 T C Impressive Dude My MVP Strikingimpression Preferred
36 P C Island Attitude Shadow Play Blue Paradise Winbak Farm
63 T C Its A Long Story Royalty For Life Meadowbranch Patsy Princeton
26 P C Jeffs Hurricane All Bets Off Niche Blue Chip Princeton
20 T C Kinnder Motown Muscle Mass Witch Way Denitza Petrova
85 T F Lady All Star My MVP Lady Tini Winbak Farm
88 P F Latina Rose Royal Mattjesty Latin Liftoff Winbak Farm
79 P C Liberty Royal Royal Mattjesty Kimberlys Baby Winbak Farm
11 T C Lookslikeadream Lookslikeachpndale Uneeda Dream Preferred
107 T F Mabel Kipp Royalty For Life New Years Day Erinwood
86 P F Madame Kelly Sportswriter Lady Sherri Preferred
76 T F Manerva Il sogno Dream Jolie Glide Erinwood
71 P C Massive Love Hes Watching Dreamfair Infinity Winbak Farm
41 P F Mending Fences Artspeak Bridge To Tomorrow Winbak Farm
64 P C Mirrorball Artspeak Happy Kim Winbak Farm
126 P F Miss Dew Write Sportswriter Shes A Dewar Winbak Farm
112 P F Moona Betterthancheddar Mood Rings Princeton
133 T F Move Out Milly Wheeling N Dealin Steppin Out Preferred
67 T C Mr Experience Muscle Mass Hit The Hay Preferred
17 P C Mr William Artspeak Wilma Hall Winbak Farm
15 T F Muscling Vegas Muscle Mass Vegas Virgin Twinbrook
134 T C MVP Hit My MVP Summer Hit Winbak Farm
1 T F My Grand My MVP Summersgrandladay Winbak Farm
23 T F Noels Magic Archangel Apple Magic Winbak Farm
35 T C Oceanview Flanny Flanagan Memory Caboose Princeton
72 T C Oceanview Massey Muscle Mass Summerhill Hallie Princeton
14 P C Pebble Beach Pro Betterthancheddar Wheres My Pebble Winbak Farm
114 P C Peetie State Treasurer Twin B Posh Princeton
95 P C Pepper Jack Flash Betterthancheddar Mery Linny Lee Winbak Farm
31 T C Pier Ho Ken Carson Wheeling N Dealin Barbies Korvett Preferred
84 T C Pier Ho Muscle Boy Muscle Mass Pier Ho La Donato Preferred
37 T F Pier Ho No Credit Credit Winner Ceana Preferred
22 T F Pier Ho Sweet Deal Wheeling N Dealin Woman Of Strength Preferred
78 P C Place My Bet All Bets Off Jollie Place Joe Hudon
55 P C Prince Shadow Shadow Play Fast Princess Winbak Farm
115 T F Rainbows Legacy Resolve Rainbow View Winbak Farm
116 T C Raising The Glass Royalty For Life Raising Roseann Preferred
119 P C Rockin Lou Control The Moment Rock Be A Lady Princeton
120 P C Rocking The Crown Royal Mattjesty Rock N Love Winbak Farm
19 P C Royal Assent Royal Mattjesty Win D Won Winbak Farm
50 P F Ruthy B Big Jim Dreamfair Orchid Princeton
121 P C Rylentless Betterthancheddar Roxanna Hanover Princeton
65 T F Sant Ambroggio Wheeling N Dealin Hawaiian Sweetie Twinbrook
5 P C Silencethewitness Artspeak The Assasinator Winbak Farm
39 T F Silver Hills Resolve Chef Heartsalot Preferred
16 P C Slick N Quick Sportswriter Who Moved The Rock Winbak Farm
74 T C Sollwitt Royalty For Life Its Easy To Dance Preferred
130 T C Spare Change Archangel Spare Me Please Winbak Farm
136 P C Speak of War Artspeak Warrawee Templar Winbak Farm
69 P C Speaker of Peace Artspeak Im All In Winbak Farm
111 P F Splash Of Pink All Bets Off Pink Sheet Preferred
30 P F Sporty Miss B Sportswriter Bandolera Hanover Winbak Farm
29 P C Street Art Artspeak Bagaholic Winbak Farm
27 P C Take It Home Artspeak Bad Sister Winbak Farm
51 P C Talkaboutagift Artspeak Elegant Gift Winbak Farm
70 P C The Lyons Den Lyonssomewhere Im Gracies Wigwam Amanda Barron
98 P F This Girl Artspeak Hey Lolly La Princeton
45 P C Top Bunk Artspeak Bunkhouse Babe Winbak Farm
7 T C Tristar Bentley Angus Hall Trustworthy Gal Tristar Farm
91 T C Tristar Carmen Il sogno Dream Love Me Do Tristar Farm
18 T C Twenty Twenty Trixton Wilsonator Erinwood
10 P C Twice Played Shadow Play Two Sides Of Love Winbak Farm
52 P F Twin B Echo Artspeak Twin B Epic Twinbrook
33 P F Twin B Glory Bettors Delight Burnett Blue Chip Twinbrook
113 P C Twin B Risenshine Sunshine Beach Power Nap Twinbrook
89 P F Ultimate Speed Artspeak Magic Of Brussels Preferred
93 T F Vodka N Roses My MVP Lucerne De Vie Winbak Farm
9 T F Warrawee Yama Royalty For Life Warrawee Truce Preferred
97 P C Warrawee Yannis Betterthancheddar Momoney Blue Chip Preferred
57 P C Warrawee Yippee Sportswriter Fliponetwothree Preferred
82 P F Warrawee Yoko Sportswriter Warrawee Koine Preferred
77 T C Warrawee Yuri Kadabra Karoon Preferred
24 P F Watch Her Dewitt Hes Watching Xena Bayama Erinwood
4 P G Watch It Boil Hes Watching Titanic Rose Preferred
12 P F Western Flames Betterthancheddar Western Cat Winbak Farm
43 P C Willin Warrior Artspeak Bunker Away Winbak Farm
62 P F Wouldntitbenice Hes Watching Graphene Preferred
58 P C Xtra Cheese Betterthancheddar Funny Three Winbak Farm